Communication and Transport

As a consequence of the development of the two major cities and ports on the Danube, which represent a reference point for the Romanian commerce and industry, Galati-Braila Metropolitan Area has developed as a regional logistics hub, linking the countries of the Black Sea region: western Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine and gaining over time a continuous improvement of the business conditions regarding the communications and transport.

Besides the very dense national road and railway infrastructure, the area is crossed by major trade routes of Europe, including:

Pan-European Corridors:

European Roads:

Regarding air transport, although Galati-Braila Metropolitan Area is currently served by the international airports of Bucharest (about 200 km and 3 hours by car), Bacau and Constanta (approximately 180 km), there is a project in the stage of auction, named the International Airport "Lower Danube" in Braila. The future airport will be situated on a 413 hectares area and will be the main regional passenger airport and the largest cargo airport in Romania.

In terms of communications, the GBMA is well covered by landline and mobile phone and also internet, at the end of 2009 Galati ranked top 9 European cities regarding the average speed Internet connections, and at world scale, Romania ranked 4th, surpassed only by South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, according to the report "State of the Internet" published by Akamai, a global leader in the field.

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