Demographic Structure

Galati-Braila Metropolitan Area (GBMA) has more than 750,000 inhabitants, representing almost 30% of the South-East Region’s population and almost 4% of Romania’s population. The urban agglomeration is considered the second one in Romania, after Bucharest.

The average density of the GBMA is 320 inhabitants per km2, meaning 3.5 times more than the national average, given that Galati city has a density of 1,200 inhabitants per km2 and Braila city 6,400 inhabitants per km2, the 2 cities being ranked on the 6th (Galati) and 9th(Braila) places among the most populated cities in Romania.

With a birth rate above the national average, over 51% of the population being women, the average age of the GBMA is 36 years old and the age structure of the populations is:

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Last Updated on Friday, 17 June 2016 06:57