Investment Advantages

Strategic location
The GBMA has a geostrategic and geopolitical location, as it is situated at the border with Moldova and Ukraine, near the Black Sea and at the crossroads of major European trade routes that allow access to a market of 200 million consumers;

Urban agglomeration
The very small distance between the two cities of Galati and Braila makes the area  to be considered the second  urban agglomeration in Romania after  the Bucharest one.

Danube River
The presence of the Danube River and the Danube ports of Galati and Braila contribute to the development of water transport and trade links with the neighboring countries, but also with major ports around the world.

Natural resources
The area has natural resources that, properly exploited, can play an important role in the economic and social development.The most common resources are: clay, sand and gravel, oil and gas deposits.

Galati-Braila area has one of the lowest labor costs in Europe, a highly skilled and efficient workforce, easy recruitment of temporary workers, especially youth, features that make it an attractive market for investors.

University and industrial center
Since it has always been a commercial and transit area, the region has developed around the two largest ports, Galati and Braila, and today it is a representative steel and shipping industry center in Romania, and also an important university center.

Well developed scientific and institutional infrastructure
Besides the well-developed banking system, there is a significant number of institutions supporting enterprise and business development in the area, including the Information Technology Park, Industrial Park Galati, Cross-Border Economic Development Center, Business Center Galati, etc.

Galati-Braila free zones
The existence and the position of Galati-Braila free zones facilitate their use as important places of storage, warehousing and transit between Orient and European markets and also as economic point that can serve millions of consumers.

Tradition in agriculture
With a significant share in the local economy, with farm land accounting for almost 80% of the total area of Galati and Braila counties, the agriculture has developed continuously, now having an infrastructure and a market well set.

Variety of cultural and recreational offer
Based on a rich history, the region is scattered with archaeological artifacts, monasteries, museums, memorial houses and theaters. The GBMA is also a promising framework for tourism development, especially in terms of recreational hunting and fishing in the Small Island of Braila, Big Island of Braila, Danube, Prut, Siret rivers, and also in the lakes around.



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