Investment Potential

Green energy
Due to its location, Galati-Braila area creates favorable conditions for developing renewable energy such as hydro, wind and solar energy. With a capacity of 679 MW for a value of over 543 million euros, Galati is the hottest county in Romania according to the wind projects approved in the period 2021-2022. In addition, the large area of ​​farmland and agricultural tradition create opportunities for producing crops that are suitable for energy recovery from biomass and organic waste.

The South-East Region of Romania is considered by European experts in alternative energy as having the greatest wind energy potential in South-Eastern Europe, estimated at 14,000 MW. Also, the region is one the highest points on the solar map of Romania, with a potential of 1600-1700 kWh / m2.

IT&C Industry, Food Industry, Naval Industry
Galati, as an important university center in Romania with an elite faculty in computer science and automation, food chemistry and naval engineering, represents an opportunity for companies working in these sectors.

Moreover, in Galati was created in 2003 the first software park in Romania, called Science and Technology Park, which today contributes to the development of the high-tech industrial sector, facilitating technology transfer and creating a viable alternative to the labor market in the southeastern region.

Being Danube cities and situated near the Black Sea and Danube Delta, the area of Galati-Braila has a great potential in tourism development, especially recreational hunting and fishing. Also, considering the area's rich history, situated at the confluence of ancient historical regions, and the diversity of national minorities, cultural heritage of Galati-Braila Region is extremely rich, proved by archaeological remains, monasteries, museums, memorial houses and theaters scattered throughout the region;

Several investment opportunities in the area:

  • Caineni Lake and Balta Alba Lake, with a very high quality therapeutic mud;
  • thermal waters, in Braila, with the water temperature of 60 ° C.
  • the Small Island of Braila / Little Pond of Braila Natural Park - a 5.000 ha natural reserve, important resource in developing and promoting eco and scientific tourism.
  • fisheries (Zaton Lake, Blasova resort), with destinations such as: natural and sport fishing, recreation, hunting.

Being an area with an important tradition in agriculture and good quality land, with important results in the production of cereals, industrial plants, vegetables and wine, Galati-Braila area has a real potential of development in this direction. Also, the port’s infrastructure for storage and loading / unloading products, the universities specialized in food industry make this area a privileged one.



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