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Considered to be the second urban agglomeration of Romania after Bucharest, Galati-Braila Metropolitan Area consists mainly of Galati and Braila cities, located at a distance of about 15 km from each other. Considering the urban and suburban areas within a radius of 20km, the total surface of the GBMA reaches about 5,800 km2 and almost 700,000 inhabitants, representing almost 30% of of the population of the South-East Region of Romania, which includes the counties of Vrancea, Galati, Braila, Tulcea , Constanta and Buzau.

Galati-Braila Metropolitan Area is near the border with Moldova and Ukraine, along the Danube, at the crossroads of major trade routes, about 200 km from Bucharest and the Black Sea and -last but not least- about 80 km from Tulcea and the Danube Delta, an extremely rare natural reservation, landmark of Romanian tourism.

Distances between the Galati-Braila Metropolitan Area and the major centers with economic impact are relatively small:

  • Bucharest: 200 km
  • Constanta: 180 km
  • Iasi.: 250 km
  • Customs Point Galati - Giurgiulesti (Moldova) (road, railway, port): 11 km
  • Customs Point Oancea - Cahul (Moldova) (road): 59 km\
  • Customs Point Ismail, Tulcea (Ukraine) (port): 90 km
  • Odessa: 290 km
  • Cahul: 60 km
  • Chisinau: 230 km



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