Health and care

Health Care

The public health system in Romania is social insurance type, therefore, foreigners who need medical services will pay the charges for these services.

The recommended solution is to acquire insurance during the time of travel from the insurance company in your own country or to get your European Health Insurance Card before the travel, a document which is released only in case of temporary movement to an EU member state and which confers the right to receive the necessary medical services, free of charge. The temporary movement means the temporary residence of a person in one European Union member states for tourism, professional, family or study reasons, for maximum 6 months. The card is valid within 6 months from the releasing date.

An alternative to the public health system in Romania is represented by the private clinics/hospitals, which have started to increasingly spread lately, and which offer medical services to the highest professional standards, based on the latest technological support, in impeccable terms of safety and comfort, for a fee.

Some private clinics in the Metropolitan Area of Galati-Braila:

  • ROMAR Medical Center in Galati;
  • Hiperdia Medical Center in Galati;
  • IRINA Medical Center in Galati and Braila;
  • Deacon Medical Center in Braila
  • Heart Medical in Braila.



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