Labour Market

Labour Market

Galati-Braila Metropolitan Area recorded a rate of economically active population of about 47% of the total population, of which about 89% are employed, divided into the following sectors:

  • Services: 59%
  • Industry and construction: 37%
  • Agriculture, Hunting and related services, Forestry and Fisheries: 4%

Labor costs in the Galati-Braila area are slightly below national average, with an medium net salary of about  500 € per month, an aspect which combined with high skills, high efficiency, availability of young labour force, easy recruitment of temporary employees, make Galati-Braila Metropolitan Area a competitive labor market, attractive to investors.
In terms of wage earnings, the most well- paid employees are in fields such as mining and shipping, software / technology, financial and public administration where the monthly average net earnings exceeded 700 €. In contrast, the least-paid are the employees in the fileds of agriculture, hunting and fishing, wholesale and retail trade, hotels and restaurants industries, with an monthly average net salary of about 400 €.

Regarding the unemployment, the Galati-Braila area is heavily industrialized and directly influenced by national and international economic situation, the average rate of unemplyment oscilating between 5% and 10%, reaching its maximum in 2010 during the world economic crisis.
Nearly 42% of the unemployed are aged between 25-45 years, this phenomenon affecting less women and the highly educated, the latter category represents only 7% of the unemployed.

The unemployed receive aids of vocational integration, allowances,  financial incentives  for vocational training and for helping those who get a job before the expiration of the unemployment period, payments to encourage labor mobility and also, payments to encourage employers to hire unemployed from the disadvantaged categories.



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